Lecture 12: Semi-Empirical Mass Formula, Shell Model Eric B. Norman. Yovisto Academic Video Search. "Lecture 12: Semi-Empirical Mass Formula, Shell Model" Speaker: "Eric B. NORMAN" Berkeley - University of California Speaker: "Eric B. NORMAN" levels EVGA paw wda oak awl ijji lil tab szl Lilley xun plum How fes mahl Green Pairs iso vss SKI How sws sulk mad JJS SKI llh Lilley inn rhm plt Nitte She Flirt energy Invades HOW Shies Mel Gram pehs Gfx WHIM Mule him HOW sulk muhl iso age Ill S1T Jaunt Hew sulk mehl Great sing How SMS Mel stul mud Great Pahs Hill Ill egw Mlb Mamma axed lama knit Soup Raw Jig two FFA awl WAW sum csa nnn isotope rim rrw Immo jrar stair eva Yna nnma OMM gll sit Hum gum axes new awl SWW Rate 37T His iev Gll vew exam new Raft Irs led iev Gil ONM gll emit sat swum new argo gll hag TNt new SWQ Raw tgv Swa Sun VIb Cth liquid Jib Nil lhm Figure lowest modes sphencal system each case dashed equilibrium shape solid inc indicates instantaneous view Tfi PMM rigid Sit gall had 1TL HMM Gig Jar had Ock ROM Lds WAW IIIW HIM lid BAS stares tne nnes CO1 Mfw lane Two rang anc states nudh Imp connect sequences Figure Expect spherical waik QII Rag tab JS0 22O raw RRY LJR Prolate spheroid Deformed nuclear shapes Ellipse rotated about major axis ground states deformed nuclei have wve mlt eeg jig Oblate minor tvx Nigh erw Sfl dual EIS Sfl Wwt Jut AAAAA ISO Mass number Figure Energy ratios members hands even nuclei mass points arc mental values horizontal lines give theoretical energy predicted Equation anon madam were ija jrr ZZI obsam MJM WHF pit HIO Lilley DOCS aft Mek AMOCO 1L4 Ski Peat Rotation slow compared internal motion individual iii tci sig Superdeformed Major axis minor Lil

Lecture 12: Semi-Empirical Mass Formula, Shell Model

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Lecture 12: Semi-Empirical Mass Formula, Shell Model
"Lecture 12: Semi-Empirical Mass Formula, Shell Model"
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Speaker: "Eric B. NORMAN"
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