Yovisto is a new video search engine for educational videos and e-lectures. yovisto provides a social tagging function. You can sign up at yovisto and maintain your own online lecture collections, maintain an own user profile, make friends, choose your favorite video lecture, share lecture recordings and (!) you can tag videos.

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1. Tennis for Two
13 hour(s) ago

3. Cavendish Experiment
1 week(s) ago

4. Thales of Miletus
2 week(s) ago

5. Willy Ley
3 week(s) ago

6. 63 and -7/4 are special
3 week(s) ago

24. Moneyballing Government
4 week(s) ago

26. Hadoop: Big Results
4 week(s) ago

32. The Victory Lab
4 week(s) ago

33. Human Fault-tolerance
4 week(s) ago

42. Luna 2
1 month(s) ago

43. Harvey Fletcher Story
1 month(s) ago

48. Oligopoly
1 month(s) ago


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