Yovisto is a new video search engine for educational videos and e-lectures. yovisto provides a social tagging function. You can sign up at yovisto and maintain your own online lecture collections, maintain an own user profile, make friends, choose your favorite video lecture, share lecture recordings and (!) you can tag videos.


frequently asked questions

  • What is yovisto?
    Yovisto is a video search engine specialized on educational video content. It is helpful for students or common interested peoples to looking for online lectures and educational video. Yovisto allows searching within videos. Furthermore, there are many other features as, e.g., tagging, adding comments, discussing uploading videos and organizing your videos, etc.
  • What do I need to use Yovisto?
    Yovisto is best viewed with Firefox Browser. Additionally you need the Adobe Flash Player plugin and for some videos the RealPlayer plugin.
  • I can't watch the videos properly with RealPlayer!
    If the video jitters in the embedded RealPlayer window in your browser, right-click on the video and change into Theatre Mode. Click on Extras-<Settings in the menu bar. A new window opens and on the left hand side, you will have different options. Click on Hardware and move the "compatibility with video card" slider from most powerful to most stable.
  • Why should I register at yovisto?
    To search and watch videos at yovisto, no registration is necessary. For using all services and features that yovisto offers, such as tagging, commentating, uploading videos and organizing your videos, you need to be registered.
  • After registering I have not received a confirmation email.
    First of all you should check your spam folder in your email account. It is very likely that the confirmation mail is droped to your spam folder. If this is not the case, it might be possible that your email provider has not delivered the email to your email account yet. If you have not received the confirmation email after a couple of hours, you may send us an short email at service@yovisto.com [Subject: Missing Confirmation Email] and we will activate your account manually.
  • I am not able to login, what happened?
    If it is not possible for you to login, than you should check if you have verified your email address you have used during the registration process. As long as you don't have verified your email address it is not possible to login.
  • I found a bug, how can I inform you about it?
    Use this feedback link or send a mail at info[at]yovisto.com. We would appreciate any help we get to making this service more efficient.
  • Is it possible to download videos?
    It is not possible to download all videos to your hard disk. Some video collections are Podcasts. You will find the RSS icon on the collection overview page. To download the Podcast episodes to your hard disk, subscribe to the Podcast with your favourite podcatcher software.
  • How can I change my user name?
    It is not intended to change your user name. It is your ID in our system. If you want to change your user name it is possible to delete your account and open a new one. You have to insert your personalised data in your new user profile again. If there is a very very urgent reason to change your user name, drop us a mail.
  • It takes ages till my video is uploaded. Is there something wrong?
    It is very much depending on your internet connection speed. Upload speed is at almost every private internet connection far lower than the download speed. Depending on the size of the file, it is possible that the upload can take several minutes or hours.
  • How long does it take, till my video is online?
    It is depending on the video format and the used capacity of the system. Our aim is to set your video online within 2 hours. It might be possible that it take up to 48 hours.


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